What is a Brand?

Think of a brand as a personality.  A brand is earned, not just created. It is what others say about your business or organisation when you are not in the room. A brand represents the emotional and experiential qualities others share about your company or organisation. It illustrates how others perceive you, which is not always aligned with how you see yourself. Your brand is a consistent tone of voice and visual representation of your business or organisation's competitive advantages and position in the world.

What is a Logo?

A logo is a key component of a brand. It can be the building block for a new brand or a unique visual representation of a brand that has or is changing. Well executed, a logo can capture the essence of a brand in visual shorthand. Creating a brand that is both memorable and robust enough to withstand the rigours of use over potential decades countless applications is one of the smartest any organisation can make.

What other elements form a brand?

The experiences you provide, the voice you use in all of your communications, the consistency of your branding collateral (both physical and digital) all contribute to your brand. Customer service, staff training, and adherence to defined brand values are other elements that further your brand.

The role of brand reputation

Think of brand reputation as insurance. A strong brand can withstand the inevitable online attacks through review portals and social media. A brand with little reputation will wither under such an assault. Brand reputation builds trust, so when that online assault happens, those who believe in your brand will come to your defence. 

The value of a robust brand

Short of patents, a robust brand is the most valuable asset of any new millennium company or organisation. A robust brand is a platform from which organisations can thrive. It allows organisations to pivot to deal with changing market demands. It will enable companies to launch new products and services with instant credibility and acceptance. It adds value to a bottom line, both in revenue generation and IP. A robust brand is the best defence any organisation has to the ever-changing world we live in. It creates relationships with customers and stakeholders that endure.

Stopping at the water's edge

Many businesses and organisations have some of the elements of a strong brand. Few have all. Many Australian companies and organisations undervalue and under resource there brand building activities, then wonder why they struggle to achieve their growth or expansion targets. Understanding and committing long term to build your brand is the most prudent and cost-effective way of ensuring you achieve your business and organisational goals. It is long overdue that Australian businesses and organisations embrace this new branding paradigm if they wish to accomplish the expansion successes of brands that have. Although we are an island nation, our thinking needs to extend beyond the water's edge.

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