The growing importance of UX design

As we grow increasingly dependent on digital products and services, and open-source technology makes the development of these solutions more accessible, the value of the user experience becomes essential.

Our dependence on these technologies both in our working and personal lives has turned us into more technologically literate consumers with higher expectations and lower tolerance to poor or clumsy User Experiences.

How Digital Storytelling Collective approaches UX design

Coming from decades of design and advertising, our team's natural transition was to deliver compelling and original digital User Experiences. As successful marketers, we've learned how to engage consumers with original and valued experiences. We understand the shorthand of communication and connectivity and how to move consumers to action. This experience has informed how we approach UX design. 

We look at the value of the experience and what it delivers to the end-user. We search for original ways to simplify interactions and deliver valued and memorable experiences. We then build marketing strategies around these experiences that resonate with end users' goals and work with clients to bring all of this to market.

Building UX that adds measurable value to your business

With open-source technology in everyday use, it becomes harder for business to build technological solutions that are defensible and add value to their IP portfolios. Digital Storytelling Collective delivers solutions that have the potential of becoming patentable. Digital Storytelling Collective work with you and your team to create scalable solutions, low friction, and generate revenue from the physical design to the unique functionality.

With UX, experience counts

From designing software solutions and interface design for products like XL.Today™ and Lookatme™, to building complete solutions such as the Destination NSW and Visit Victoria Media Centres, Digital Storytelling Collectives understanding of UX design is borne of more than a decade of real-world experience. Combine this with literally decades of experience working with multinational and small brands in marketing across most sectors, and we deliver a level of expertise and perspective difficult to replicate.

How we come at UX design

Our philosophy with UX design is simple; we represent the end-user. We take the familiar ways people interact with technology and overlay it with a sense of originality and joy. We listen to your product, and business goals then work to understand if they align with your target audience's desires. If they do not align, then we work with you to determine ways to make them align. If they do align, we focus our attention on streamlining the user experience and adding value.

Throughout this process, we are also developing strategies on how to bring this product to market. Often part of this process is creating the asset that helps current and potential investors understand your value proposition. In short, we consider every aspect of the process and apply the principles and experiences acquired over decades of mastering communication and connection.

Partnering with Digital Storytelling Collective

While most of our clients engage with us on a fee basis to develop their products and bring them to market, we occasionally take a stake in these businesses on a partial sweat equity basis. Still, other clients engage us on a longer-term retainer contract, ensuring continuity and consistency of the vision and unique experience we provide. The best way to understand what relationship works best for you and your investors is to start with a confidential discussion.

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