The media is your ally, not the enemy

Many brands only engage with the media in times of crisis. Successful brands work to build more positive relationships with the media over the long term. They understand that building a media profile on their terms allows them greater control over the narrative, and if a crisis does occur, they already have brand equity to drawdown. More importantly, successful brands all understand the media's role and value in telling the story they want customers, stakeholders, influencers, and investors to hear.

Telling your story through the media

Tourism and technology companies are particularly good at managing their media relationships. Brands like Netflix and Apple have used the media to make their brands amongst the most trusted in the world, and they have done it in a way (and for a price) that could not be achieved with paid media alone. Tourism brands work with the media to tell their stories locally and internationally, amplifying their reach and desire. These organisations have one thing in common; they understand the challenges faced by journalists creating content in a synergistic media environment.

A day in the life of a journalist

It is no secret journalists' lives have changed dramatically over the past 5 years. A journalist once had time to craft a story. They had photographers and production teams to create images and video. They had research assistants to do the research and time to verify facts. Now journalist are tasked with creating as much as 10 articles a day, which are then altered and amplified across multiple online and traditional channels. Journalists are looking for more efficient and streamlined ways to fill this content void. Smart brands have the right solution to support journalists and media, their own media centres. 

The role of media centres

Media centres were once only the property of mega brands or organisations with high media exposure. Now they are a 24/7, 365-day resource priced within reach of mid-size brands that want to increase their exposure in ways that paid media cannot. The right media centre is designed as a working resource. It holds content that aids journalists create accurate, positive and compelling stories about your brand. They streamline access to visual and audio content essential to the media today. They act as a 'single source of truth' for the stories you want the world to know. They answer the frequently asked questions and allow your brand to push media releases.

The next generation of media centres

The next generation of media centres is here. It builds on the traditional role of the media centres and creates a frictionless work environment for journalists, with secure and auditable access to libraries of digital assets. It allows the journalist to work remotely, with access from any device., allowing push notifications for new content via browsers, email, SMS and social media. 

The next generation of media centres combines the features of Digital Asset Management, an online magazine and a digital marketing hub. It provides visibility on which media groups and journalists engage with your brand, what assets and content they use and how often. It creates opportunities to amplify your messaging's reach and frequency through trusted and reliable resources.

The most powerful and cost-effective media solution

Digital Storytelling Collective has partnered with Lookatme™ to build highly effective and frictionless media centres for Tourism Victoria and Destination NSW. We have also partnered with XL.Today™ to build the world's fastest and most intuitive agile digital marketing campaign creation tools.  We have now combined these three organisations' resources to create undoubtedly the world's most media-friendly engagement solution: Lookatme™media Plus. 

Lookatme™media Plus provides everything you need to engage with the media, as well as the tools you need to engage with customers, stakeholders and investors. It allows your brand to build media and marketing profiles in ways you can measure. It creates a single source of truth for all of your digital assets while providing a frictionless remote working environment for journalists, PR and marketing teams. Lookatme™media Plus is the technological leap designed to help your brand respond faster to the opportunities and challenges of today's 'speed of light', synergistic media and business environments. 

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